Overnight Pet Nanny

For pets that are in direct company with their owners on a regular basis, we feel that overnight service is important for their well-being. A professional pet nanny will stay with your pet in the comfort of home & provide a nurturing & playful environment. Time well-spent creates a level of loving fulfillment to satisfy each individual need.

  • This option is good for those pets who do better with less animals, prefer a home environment, or for those who have multiple pets and want to keep the cost of boarding down. Rates are based on time, not on number of pets.

  • Overnight care includes evening & morning walks, feeding, potty breaks, litter box cleaning, yard (or crate) potty clean up, medication administration & a lot of love and one-on-one time. We'll also take care of important household tasks and look after your home. Daily updates & photos will always be sent via text or email.

  • Four levels of sitting care are offered depending on your needs & the needs of your pet. All include a lot of loving care and personalized attention to each & every pet. Our team does this for a living because of our love for animals. This is our favorite part!


Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Specialized care 7pm - 7am
Specialized care 6pm - 10am  
Specialized care 24 hours
Morning & evening potty breaks
15 minute AM & 15 minute PM walk  
Mid day 20 minute walk    
Mid day 30 minute walk      
At your service meals
Play time, toy time, treat time
Daily updates via email or text
Yard potty clean up
Litter box turnover
Lights, newspaper, mail, etc.
Medication or supplements
Ample TLC & personalized care
10% off on 10 or more nights
Midday visit with Level 1: $15.00
Key return fees vary by location. See ‘Guidelines’
Additional pets free


Areas served:

Bellevue,  Bothell (98011),  Issaquah,  Kenmore (98028),   Kirkland,  Mercer Island,  Redmond,  Sammamish,  Woodinville

Pet Nanny Service Request

or contact us at 425.681.0785

See the Guidelines page for more information on reservations & cancellations, key return policy, holiday rates, etc.


  • Non-aggressive towards other animals & people.
  • Dogs licensed in King County should regular walks be requested.
  • Completed Sound Pet Eastside forms before first visit.