In order to provide the best service for you, your pets and others, we have established the following policies.



  • Pet Sitting & Dog Walking: Visits may be cancelled, without charge, up to two hours before the scheduled visit or sooner, as long as we are not already en route to your house (if so, that particular visit will be charged).
  • Pet Nanny (overnight): Visits must be cancelled within 7 days of the job start. If cancelled less than 7 days prior to the visit, the cancellation fee is $30 per night reserved.
  • Home Style Boarding: Reservations may be held with a valid credit card. They maybe cancelled up to 48 hours free of charge. If the cancellation is less than 48 hours, a one-night fee will be applied. Reservations may be held with a valid credit card (Visa or MC).


  • Home Style Boarding: Cancellations fourteen (14) days or more will be fully refunded. Cancellations less than 14 days will be refunded 50% less deposit.
  • Pet nanny visits must be cancelled within 10 days of the job start. If cancelled less than 10 days prior to the visit, the cancellation fee is $35 per night for the total invoice for the scheduled job.
  • Sitting or walking visits may be cancelled, without charge, up to two hours before the scheduled visit or sooner, as long as we are not already en route to your house (if so, that particular visit will be charged).


  • For home style boarding guests, drop-off and pick-up hours are M-F from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm. We will do our best to accommodate outside these hours with the understanding there are after hour drop-off fees.
  • Late pick-up charges of $10/30 minutes will be applied to the boarding stay. Early drop-off’s are ok with a $25.00 drop-off fee.
  • If someone other than yourself will be dropping off or picking up your pet, we will need a call or email ahead of with the day & time, their name & contact information.

Flea control

  • Home Style Boarding: We require all guests to be on flea prevention. Should your pet have fleas, depending on severity we do reserve the right to refuse a stay or flea bathe at owners’ expense for the health of other dogs.


  • All boarding guests in our host homes must be flea-free and in good health. We will ask you to certify that your pet is in good health, does not have any conditions that would potentially affect the health of other pets, and have not been ill with a communicable condition in the last 30 days. If a communicable condition has been present in the last 30 days, we will require a veterinary certificate of health for their stay or return.
  • If your dog becomes unwell or has diarrhea during their stay, he or she will be accompanied to a private area away from other guests (we will give them plenty of love!) until the problem has been resolved. A $5 daily or $10 nightly private fee will be applied for the care. Dogs with excessive diarrhea may be required to have a negative fecal and/or giardia test before being re-admitted to daycare.
  • Stable, post surgical pup patients requiring 24 hour care are welcome.
  • Please, for the safety and care of your pet, please do not board him or her if not well.


  • See the “Cancellations” section for the Holiday cancellation policy.
  • Pet Nanny, Pet Sitting, Dog Walking:
    • We gladly accept & hold reservations with a valid credit card (Visa, MC).
    • An additional holiday charge of time-and-a-half will apply for visits on the following holidays: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day & Presidents Day.
  • Dog Boarding:
    • A boarding surcharge of $25 each dog applies for the above 9 holidays.
    • We will be closed to the public (but still boarding guests!) on the above 9 holidays.
    • There is a $50.00 pick-up fee on holidays.
    • Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day: Reservations must be paid in full at booking. Cancellations 21 days or more will be fully refunded. Cancellations less than 21 days will be refunded 50%.
    • President’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day require a minimum of two (2) nights boarding with a credit card deposit of $200/dog to hold a reservation. The deposit will be applied to the holiday boarding charge.


  • Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Nanny: Sound Pet Eastside is proud to carry the best coverage offered in the US pet sitting industry through Kennel Pro (www.kennelpro.net). We are happy to share our insurance policy details with you.
  • Dog Boarding: Our host families carry individual policies that protect you and your pets through. In addition Sound Pet Eastside is listed as an additional insured to their policy. Details of your host’s insurance policy are available to you upon request.


  • 2 working copies of your house keys must be provided at the time of the consultation. Please test both keys prior to the consultation. If you live in a gated community, a gate card, remote or appropriate access code must be provided.
  • Garage codes are not acceptable as the first means of entrance to your home, but we will accept them as a secondary means of entry as keys and door locks do sometimes fail too.
  • We apologize in advance however we will not mail keys, hide outside or lock them inside homes on the last visit day.
  • With permission, we prefer to keep the keys in our locked key box for future pet sitting.
  • Keys are returned free (in person) after the first two pet sitting jobs. After that there is a $10 fee (each way - pick up before pet sitting job and delivery after completion of the pet sitting job) for those preferring this option. There is no charge if keys are kept in our lock box.
  • Should a key become unusable, a lock malfunctions, a client forgets to leave a key or for any other reason beyond Pet Sitter’s control, Sound Pet Eastside & Pet Sitters have authorization to employ the services of a locksmith to gain entry into Client’s home on Client’s behalf. Client shall be responsible for all expenses incurred & reimburse Sound Pet Eastside upon return.

Minimum Visits:

  • Pet Sitting & Dog Walking: Cats & small animals must be visited a minimum of once per every other day. Dogs must be visited a minimum of once per day. Dogs without a doggie door must be visited no less than twice per day. If you have a special situation, please call to discuss.


  • Pet Sitting, Overnight Nanny, Dog Walking: Payments for walking, sitting & pet nanny services are accepted in full at time of booking or on the first day that service begins, or at the completion of service. Cash or check is preferred. We accept Visa & MasterCard. PayPal is also provided for your convenience.
  • Home Style Boarding: Credit cards on file will be charged after pick-up. An itemized receipt will be sent via email. We also accept payments through PayPal.

Pet Product Pick-Up:

  • There is a $10 fee to pick up additional pet food or necessities that run out during a pet sitting or pet nanny job.

Property Visitors or Service Providers:

  • Pet Sitting, Pet Nanny & Dog Walking: Jobs shared between Sound Pet Eastside and others such as friends or neighbors will invalidate Sound Pet Eastside sitters’ insurance. This also applies to others on the property during the same period as Sound Pet Eastside contractors. This includes lawn care specialists, cleaning contractors, repair persons, etc.


  • For Home Style Boarding: Puppies must be a minimum of 12 weeks of age to be a boarding guest in our homes provided they are current on vaccinations & a negative fecal float test within the past 90 days is on file. Puppies younger than 6 months may be intact. We do not accept puppies that have not received their entire series of all required vaccinations. We do not accept females in heat. Sound Pet Eastside reserves the right to accept or refuse 'intact' dogs.

Return Home Verification:

  • Please call or email me when you return home from your time away (jolene@soundpet.net/425.681.0785). This is important for the well being of your pets. If I do not hear from you and the pet’s safety, health, or well being is in danger, I will attempt to reach you first. If I cannot confirm your safe arrival home, I will continue visits until I can confirm your arrival back home.


  • Dog Boarding: Please call 425.681.0785 or email support@soundpet.net. Your message will be returned within 24 hours if not sooner.
  • Pet Sitting, Dog Walking:
    • Option 1: The online scheduling system (www.soundpet.net) is quick, easy and secure. When you schedule using this system, an email notification is sent to us immediately. Once the request is reviewed, we will follow up with you via email or phone call. Please note that appointment requests are not booked until confirmed by phone or email.
    • Call 425.681.0785 Your call will be returned within the same business dasy or next business day if it is a holiday or weekend. If your schedule does not permit 24 hours, please email support@soundpet.net and we will reach you as soon as possible.