About us

Sound Pet Eastside was established by Jolene Winter, a lifetime Eastside resident, avid animal devotee and founder of the preceding Eastside Pet Lodge. For over 9 years she has been active in dog rescue working in shelters, fostering and serving as a liaison. She is a member of Pet Care Services Association, Pet CPR/First Aid certified, trained in dog behavior, and a certified Pet Care Technician. Her love for animals and dedication to their well-being show up in the commitment to each and every animal that is in her care.

Besides caring for animals, Jolene also loves being able to interact with their owners. “There is a special quality of those whose hearts are as fond of, and have the same mutual respect for these special souls that bring such abundant joy into our lives.”

This dedicated business evolved after being a Pet Lodge in Kirkland which provided individualized boarding & play care for over 250 eastside pet owners. We are a team of practiced animal advocates with skilled knowledge & genuine love for all pets. We provide service for animals of all sizes and ages from cats & dogs to birds & hamsters, fish & small reptiles. We also do home visits & walking, riding or lunging for horses.